Brian Babayans

My Name is Brian Babayans. As an artist since 1994 abstract expressionism oil on canvas similar to Gerhard Richter, Jackson Pollock, Gorky, Picasso and William de Kooning and based on of some of their past paintings I learned and adapted and evolved into my own style which is what you're seeing now.

Sometimes I use a combination of their styles from each artist, sometimes completely different from all of them. I create vibrant paintings that you would enjoy looking at as if they were in your home, work or business. I like to paint paintings that I myself enjoy looking at and in my own home and meet my own high standard of quality of painting and at a high level that others would also enjoy.

Even though I have been painting all my life on various projects, I didn’t seriously begin my art career until 1994 when I enrolled in an art class in the Bay Area. With an eye on the greats such as Gerhard Richter, Jackson Pollock, and Willem de Kooning, I studied and tried to copy their masterpieces not only to replicate but to learn why they did what they did (brush strokes, colors, shapes, and overall appearances and aesthetic value).

Inspired initially by their abstract expressionism and creativity, I also yearned for something more. I wanted to create art in uncharted territories and styles and this longing led me to evolve into a style that is uniquely my own. Everything I learned from studying their paintings shapes and brush strokes and styles, I combined the best of all worlds to come up with my own unique style.

The Process

There is a very specific process I use when creating my paintings. I use the skill of painterly brush strokes used by either a regular paint brush or a flat wooden device for the smearing effects which you would find in a Richter painting. It took me years to master these techniques and failed with a lot of paintings. Over time, my painterly brush strokes improved with both the brush and the wooden device.

Aesthetically, I look at the overall painting and make sure the colors are evenly distributed and always keeping the eye moving so there is no beginning and no end and there is a reason for this. I often went to Museums of Modern art with my art teacher and we studied various paintings and noticed something common in all of them. When we found some of the great artists works, we realized our eyes never stops moving when looking at them. There was no real beginning or end and that is what I try to make sure I do in all my paintings using colors and shapes.

Using a ruler to smear paint, I create brush strokes similar to that of a regular paint brush and smear paint in different directions and using various amounts of pressure to create layers and effects to make the areas stand out. Then I wait a few days and analyze the painting and add or change things to improve it. Sometimes after a few hours of painting I realize the work is done.

In terms of colors, I try to use primary colors as the base and then mix layers of other colors mixed with each other to create a unique color or painterly look.

Sometimes my paintings can appear as three-dimensional due to all the layers of paint, but I also mix them in with emotions and colors and shapes which come from life experiences. The act of painting is not just an expression, but a connection. I paint for the sheer love of creation and to continue my pursuit of aesthetic beauty. My art is not just meant to be seen; it is meant to be felt.

Each painting is a story or emotion and an experience.

Brian the Artist

I believe that abstract expressionism manifests the euphoria of creating new dimensions through oil painting. My mission is to invite viewers into a world where art is an exploration of feelings, ideas, and the inexhaustible power of colors on canvas.

I pour my heart into each stroke as I weave an intricate story on the blank canvas. One-of-a-kind oil paintings and high-quality prints from my studio are not just artistic pieces but manifestations of emotions and thoughts brought to life through captivating colors and forms.

I also cater to those seeking personalized artistic expressions by offering commission work. The collaborative process allows my clients to translate their artistic vision into reality, with every painting being a unique testament to their individuality.

Join me in this artistic journey to discover and savour the charm of abstract expressionism, creating a vibrant world where creativity knows no bounds.